"Think of genetic research as language. We have identified the words; now we are constructing the dictionary and learning the rules of grammar. Our task is to continue assembling the dictionary and perhaps the construction of a few grammatically accurate sentences. The goal is to eventually add new chapters to the novel of life."    Antonio Giordano


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President and Chairman of the Board
Antonio Giordano MD PhD
Director, Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine
and Center for Biotechnology
College of Science and Technology, Temple University

Dept. of Human Pathology & Oncology University of Siena Italy

Tel:+1 215-204 9520
Fax:+1 215-204 9522
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Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer
Marie Louise Basso
Tel: +1 215 204 9521

Giuseppe Russo, Ph.D.
Director of Cancer Systems Biology and eHealth Programs
Digi S Lab
Tel: +1 215-204-1346
Fax:+1 215-204-9522
Italian Fax: +39 081-19731916

Grace Auteri
Tel: +1 215-204-0304


Mailing Address:
Sbarro Health Research Organization
BioLife Science Bldg. Suite 431
1900 N. 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122



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